What Are Essential Oil Profiles?

Knowing the "personality" of the oils can help you choose one to help you! You can use an oil that matches or complements your personality OR you can use an oil that contains the attributes you would like to express or develop.
For example, I am basically a MARJORAM, but sometimes I want to be more floral like ROSE or JASMINE. So, I use those "florals" to bring out that facet of my personality. 
You can read through the descriptions and perhaps find one that fits you. These profiles only contain 65 single oils. There are hundreds.
What if you are little bit of many? I can help design your own "personal" blend. Contact me if you would like a personal fragrance consultation.  Visit this page for more information: Your Own Custom Fragrance Blend

I also include on each profile a little about each oil, physical and emotional uses.  Where available, also Gems, Chakras, Energy Types, Elements, Perfume Notes and Archetypes. My sources are many and varied, too many to list individually.  I have drawn heavily from Valerie Worwood's, Fragrant Mind.


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