Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Pelargonium graveolens-distilled from the leaves, stalks, and flowers.  Has a rosy, sweet minty scent.  Blends well with LAVENDER, PATCHOULI, CLOVE, ROSE, NEROLI, SANDALWOOD, JASMINE, JUNIPER, BERGAMOT and other citrus oils. There are over 250 species with over a thousand varieties and clones, many are grown for ornamental purposes.   There are many chemotypes, such as the scented geraniums.  Another common oil is Rose Geranium (Pelargonium Roseum). It has more of a Rose scent.

Generally considered non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritating in low doses.  Dilute well for topical use.  

CHARACTER: "Tranquil Comforter" Balancing, Uplifting, Comforting, Soothing, Shielding, Tranquility, Steady, Consoling, Cushioning,  Intimacy, Receptivity, Assuring,  Secure
NUMBER:  4       
CRYSTAL:  Red/Pink Tourmaline, Unakite, Amazonite          
CHAKRA:  2, 5
ELEMENT:  Water, Ether
MUSIC NOTE: Base C            
PERFUME NOTE:  Middle          
ASTRO:  Venus
Blending Factor=3
ENERGY TYPE: 2, 4; Cool , Moist

USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES: Solace, Elevating, Regenerating,  Security, Stability, Relaxation of the Mind, Reconnection to Emotions, Intimate Communication

+Friendly and comforting, not over talkative or extroverted.
+Always taking care of someone or something.
+Allow everyone else their freedom of thought.
+Able to create a feeling of security and stability wherever they go.
+Ability to wash away others’ tension and stresses.
+May have bizarre friends who are flamboyant/colorful, just their opposite.
+Has interesting parties and most interesting house guests.  Homes full of people.
+Marvelous ability to make people feel worthy and wanted.
+Comforts those who suffer.  Warm, kind, generous.
-If negative, they tend to take on too much and don’t have enough space for themselves.
-Their generosity of spirit may be exploited, especially by family members.
-May be taken for granted.  They can get anxious and depressed if not appreciated.
-Not all GERANIUMS are meek, but they can be.  The Word "moderation" is more accurate. 

USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES: Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Moody, Confusion, Rigidity, Instability, Insecure, Tension, Stress, Hurt, Apprehension, Irrational, Worry, Heartache, Over emotional.

USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES: Acne, bruises, burns, cuts, eczema, ulcers, breast engorge, edema, poor circulation, sore throat, PMS, neuralgia, shingles, dermatitis, skin care
Excellent for skin, liver problems

 PROPERTIES: Diuretic, antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorant, antispasmodic, tonic


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