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Cistus ladanifersteam distilled from the crude gum or leaves and twigs.  Also known as ROCK ROSE.  There is also a resin concrete or absolute obtained by solvent extraction of the crude gum, which is called Labdanum. Labdanum is much valued in perfumery because of its  resemblance to Ambergris.  Has a warm, sweet, dry herbaceous musky scent.  Native to the Mediterranean mountain regions and the Middle East. One of the early aromatic substances of the ancient world.  Used as a fixative and fragrance in cosmetics and perfumes.   There are several varieties, each one having different components.

Generally considered non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritating in low doses.  Dilute well for topical use. 

CHARACTER:  "Warm Mediator", Spiritual Visualizer Assertive, Creative, Comforting, Meditative, Elevating,  Wisdom,
ETHERIC COLORS: Purple, Orange, Silver, Gold
CHAKRA:  7      
ELEMENT:  Earth, Ether
ASTRO:  Pluto   
GEM:  Tiger Eye, Amber, Mookaite, Pietersite, Aragonite

USED FOR THESE POSTIVE TRAITS: Balance, Erotic, Warmth, Self Aware, Assertive, strength, clarity, endurance

USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE STATES:  Forgetful, Insomnia, Quarrelsome, inner emptiness, emotional coldness, frigidity   

USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  Slow healing wounds, skin disorders, eczema, cystitis, swollen lymph glands, oily skin, acne, coughs, bronchitis, colds.

 PROPERTIES:  Stimulates immune function
+Similar to the CYPRESS, but warmer and less daunting. Creates a feeling a stability.
+Melter of icy feelings.
+solves quarrels, sees both sides of the story. Able to sort out problems.  Helps balance the unstable and patch up the holes, especially after a traumatic event.
+Creative, clever, loves to perform. Ability to make people feel worthy and wanted.
+High morals, will not cheat or lie or harm anyone.
+Has a possibly hidden erotic side, intriguing,
+Has a unique talent of insights into memories and possibly past lives and astral traveling


 Contains over 170 pinenes including camphene, sabinene, myrcene, phallandrene, limonene, cymene, cineol, borneol, nerol, geraniol, fenchone, etc. 

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