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Eugenia Caryophyllata-distilled from the flower buds, or leaves. The most therapeutic is from the buds.  The fragrance is fiery, warm, spicy and strong.

WARNING:  Clove oil is a known dermal and mucous membrane irritant and sensitizer. It should not be used on the skin, or, if necessary, used in very weak dilution (less than 1%). It should not ever be applied to broken or irritated skin.   Avoid use of any Clove oil  if you are on anti-coagulant therapy (blood thinners.) Clove is definitely an essential oil to be used with caution and respect. 

CHARACTER:  "Unflappable spirit", Responsible, Wise, Strong, Courageous, Determined, Enterprising, Content, Creative, Warming, Compelling, Practical, Stabilizing
ETHERIC COLORS:  Orange-Red, Violet tinged with Green and Gold
ASTRO:  Mars, Jupiter   
GEMS:  Lepidolite, Carnelian,Tourmaline
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES:  Creates a feeling of protection and courage. Contentment, Creative, Improves memory, Focused.

USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE STATES:  Psychoses, Fears, Worthlessness, Quarrelsome, Anger, Misery, Fatigue, Depression

USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  Tropical diseases,   arthritis, bronchitis, dental infection, toothaches, headaches, wound infection,  nausea, pain, parasites, candida, bronchitis, sore muscles, acne, mouth sores, stimulates digestion of heavy food. Immune system boost. Has a strong action on metabolism. The suggested dilution is to 1% for most uses.

PROPERTIES: insect repellent, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, anti-viral, immune stimulant, topical anesthetic

+Renders kind deeds and support. May be a nurse, midwife or social worker.
+ Instills faith, inspiration and hope in children of all ages.
+Uncomplicated, genuine, sometimes rustic, unpretentious yet jovial.  No hidden motives.
+They devote themselves with amazing strength and courage. They may not be overly creative or intellectual, but they have the stamina to carry ideas forth and achieve more than some creative personalities.
+ Youthful optimism.
+Resolves problems, mainly in the lives of others.
+Makes one want to act and smile, can dream up exciting, fun things to do.
+Great moral values, but may not be attached to a particular religion.
+They embody their faith in their acts, and  their work is their daily prayer.


(Clove bud has a valuable first aid benefit; Clove oil numbs the nerves, making it a valuable emergency treatment for a tooth ache. Just a drop of Clove Oil on a cotton swab applied to the sore tooth, not to the surrounding gum area, can provide dramatic relief from the pain of a toothache. (Use at your own risk, of course!) (Even better, blend nine drops Myrrh essential oil with one drop Clove Bud Oil and apply with a cotton swab to the sore tooth. Amazing.)

Blends with SAGE, CYPRESS, CISTUS, SAVORY, RAVENSARA, ROSEMARY, CITRUS, other spices and other woods. Has a remarkable synergy with CINNAMON. Should not be combined with the more fragile essences of HELICHRYSUM, ROMAN CHAMOMILE, and MARJORAM.

 Contains Eugenol, sesquiterpenes, caryophyllene, acetyleugenol.

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