Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 Achillea milleflorum-- steam distilled from the leaves and flowering tops. This plant grows as a weed throughout most parts of the West.

CAUTIONS: Avoid in pregnancy.  No reports of adverse effects at low doses. Dilute well before use on skin.

CHARACTER:  "Energetic Messenger" Strong, Peaceful, Healing, Cooling,   Uplifting, Balancing, Protective, Nurturing
ETHERIC COLORS: Bluish Mauve into Silver, moving into Gold
ORIENTAL PATTERN:  Rising heat, Internal wind 
CRYSTALS/GEMS:    Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite       
CHAKRA: 3, 2        
ELEMENT:   Earth, Water
NOTE:  Top            
ASTRO:   Venus

USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES: Opens intuitive perceptions, dreaming, protection  

USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE STATES:  Insomnia, Stress, Feeling Out of Control, Judging oneself unfairly

USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  Cramps, Constipation, Seborrhea, Acne, Oily Skin, Rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, digestion, fevers, burns, rashes, ulcers, wounds, sinus congestion, headache, hypertension, varicose veins, colic, cystitis, menstrual problems

PROPERTIES: Anti-inflammatory, Circulatory stimulant, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, detoxifier

PERSONALITY: Longtime energetic messenger of the heavens.  Delicately balances the flow between the yin and yang energies of the sun, moon, and stars.  Then, acts as a conduit for opening intuitive perceptions. I am able to take risks. I allow myself to be myself even if you disapprove. I trust myself. I am able to surrender and allow myself to work through me.
+Very deep and emotionally strong.  
+ Ability to draw out the best in other people.
+ Keep their feelings to themselves, preferring to use metaphors to describe feelings.
+ Down to earth, quite up front, solid in thought.
+ Enjoys philosophy, archaeology, ancient monuments, and architecture.  Fascinated by ancient peoples, past lives.
+Loves unlocking old memories, awakening and actualizing forgotten resonances. 
- If negative, subject to dark moods and heaviness of heart
-May feel  there are important parts of themselves missing--constantly searching for something that would make them complete. Feel they have lost contact somewhere with something important but they don't know what it might be.
-May become frustrated and speak loudly, quite the opposite of their usual behavior.
BLENDS:  Desert Lapis, Dragon Quest,  Eucalyptus Grove,  Sage Country, Visudda

Blends with ANGELICA, CEDAR, PINE, MYRRH, FRANKINCENSE, CHAMOMILE. Contains: sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, caryophyllene, borneol, terpinol, cineole, isoartemisia ketone, camphor, achilline. High in chamazulene.

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